5 Best Drinks For Weight Loss

Most dieters tend to emphasize more about the foods to include in your daily diet. They always insist that exercises should be incorporated, snacks and meals should be moderated and some weight loss supplements should be consumed to realize weight loss and maintain healthy weight.

A factor which is always overlooked during weight loss is the fluids that often accompany the consumed foods.
Soda, coffee, alcohol and some juices have high amounts of calorie. Any unconscious inclusion of such beverages in a diet or an increase in the consumption of these beverages can hinder weight loss efforts and result in weight gain. Replacing such drinks with low calorie, weight loss drinks would certainly help you maintain good health. Here are the top things to drink to lose weight.

best weight loss drinks


Plain water is beneficial and important fluid in weight loss. Remaining hydrated the whole day by drinking eight glasses of water on a daily basis keeps your stomach full for longer and decreases your appetite. Water is a wonderful metabolism booster because dehydration or other related fatigue has the potential of slowing down your metabolic rate. Water is also calorie free.
Other than this, taking cold water helps in weight loss since your body burns fats and calories in a bid to heat the water. It is possible to burn about 150 calories everyday by taking the recommended amount of cold water. Some flavored water brands contain vitamins and antioxidants which function as appetite suppressants.

green tea weight loss benefitsGreen Tea

Green tea forms part of the drinks considered to be the best beverages for the promotion of weight loss. Epigallocatechingallate (EGCG) is one of the powerful antioxidants contained in green tea which increases metabolism, and in this way, hastens the weight loss process. Caffeine and antioxidants found in the green tea help in the release of fat in the bloodstream which is then utilized as a body fuel, and in this way, increases the amount of burned body fats, improves the energy levels and sheds excess water.

Considering the fact that an exercise is always a fundamental element during weight loss, boosting your energy and endurance to perform the workouts for a long time could be achieved by drinking green tea. Since catechin polyphenols present in the green tea will intensify the use of fatty acids, it would reduce the quantity of carbohydrates used. Meaning that the energy will be sustained and long time exercise will be possible.


It is a wonderful weight loss drink that you need to include in your daily diet. Making the fruit smoothies is quite easy and they could be topped up with granola and other fiber sources that expand inside the stomach, maintain a feeling of fullness and then dramatically reduce the appetite.

Fiber also plays a major role in the movement of food via the body; implying that only few calories will be absorbed in the body. Smoothies have low fat as well as low calories. This makes them an ideal addition to the diet.

vegetable-juice-for-weight-lossVegetable Juice

Vegetable juice has high score in terms of nutritional content. You can extract the juice from different locally available vegetables. The juice is normally replete with many essential vitamins and minerals needed for fuel production and growth but it has low calorie and low sugar content. This is the reason behind the experts’ recommendation of the drink over fruit juices that are characterized by high sugar content.

The most notable benefit associated with vegetable juice is its ability to suppress the appetite. Taking a glass of this juice before taking any meal lowers the amount of food consumed. This results in the reduction of quantity of calories ingested which help in weight loss.

green coffee bean weight loss benefitsGreen Coffee

Green coffee bean drink is one of the latest weight loss drinks. Dr. Oz, one of the most famous TV celebrity doctors recommended green coffee bean extract on his own TV channel in the middle of 2012.

The aforementioned things to drink to lose weight are known and have been proven quite effective in controlling one’s body weight. Include such drinks in your daily diet and you will achieve that desired weight before it is long. Other than taking balanced diet, performing regular exercises and removing fatty foods from your daily meals, the inclusion of at least one of the aforementioned drinks will enable you to witness the impact sooner than you expected. The best part about these drinks is that you can get them locally.


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