Skinny Sprinkles Review

Doctors do not tend to make products without any science behind them, as their career could be on the line. This is why there is a wide array of evidence surrounding the ingredients inside Skinny Sprinkles.

It would be easy to lose weight if we could eat only when we were hungry, stop eating when we are full, and exercise easily on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most of us who have weight to lose have a hard time paying attention to our natural body cues of hunger and fullness, and this is where the majority of our weight problem comes in.

Now, there is a product that can help us pay attention to those natural cues by making them even stronger, plus give us added energy to exercise during a time that we would rather not, and all of that in just 21 calories! In our Skinny Sprinkles review, we discuss how this appetite suppressant works, whom it is for, and the science behind it.

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Skinny Sprinkles Review

Skinny Sprinkles Customer Review

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How Does Skinny Sprinkles Work?

In conjunction with a healthy diet, Skinny Sprinkles can speed up your weight loss results because you avoid the snacks and extra portions that cause you to keep the weight on.

All you have to do is sprinkle the stick into water (or a shake) to make a drink that helps you control appetite and gain energy.

1 stick is just 21 calories, can’t get much better than that!

Dr. Nigel Plummer PHD created skinny Sprinkles. Inside, two ingredients, glucomannan and inulin are what really make this product work for weight loss.


Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that is often used as a food thickener or emulsifier. You will notice that products containing glucomannan are often labelled as good for weight control and weight related issues. This is because it absorbs a huge amount of water. In fact, it can hold up to 200 times its weight in water.

When glucomannan expands in your stomach, it gives you the feeling of being  full. Most people who overeat will stop eating at this point of fullness, and this is what makes it so effective.

This feeling lasts for hours because gastric emptying is delayed due to the fullness. (Relate it to feeling of fullness and satisfaction after a large holiday meal that takes hours to go away.)

In addition, glucomannan has been demonstrated as a fiber that can reduce cholesterol. It has been tested in healthy men, adults with high cholesterol, and children with high cholesterol, and the results have all been the same; cholesterol is reduced.

Inulin is also a fiber that helps to moderate blood sugar levels. It is found naturally in a wide variety of foods including vegetables, fruits, and herbs. It has been shown to lower high levels of triglycerides, help maintain regular bowel movements, and support the good bacteria in your colon.

In addition to the hunger suppressing ingredients, Skinny Sprinkles also contains energy-boosting ingredients including green tea and guarana that help you tackle the exercising component of weight loss. You become more alert throughout your day, which can help you get up and exercise even after a long day at work.


Who Is It For?

skinny sprinkles product shotSkinny Sprinkles is designed for a few different people. As we said before, most of us have a hard time listening to our natural body cues of hunger and fullness. The glucomannan can help people pay attention their natural cues and stop eating at an appropriate time.

People who are surrounded by temptation all day will benefit greatly from Skinny Sprinkles as it can help them say ‘no’ to that extra snack. A healthy diet is a great start to losing weight, but a decrease of calories throughout the day can help put weight loss into overdrive.

Skinny Sprinkles is gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as it contains no dairy products.

Science Behind Skinny Sprinkles

Doctors do not tend to make products without any science behind them, as their career could be on the line. This is why there is a wide array of evidence surrounding the ingredients inside Skinny Sprinkles.

For example, the ingredient glucomannan is listed as an ingredient on European Register of Nutrition and Health Claims. This means that the claims are not being made up as ‘possible benefits’, but rather they are solid claims that are allowed to be made due to evidence.

One eight-week double blind study was done to test the effectiveness of glucomannan on obese patients. The results were clear, an average of 5.5 pounds was lost and cholesterol was significantly reduced as well. [1]

Another study done with green tea and inulin (both ingredients in Skinny Sprinkles) was done on obese and overweight adults. Again, a reduction of body weight and fat mass was observed in the group that took green tea in addition to inulin. [2]

How To Take Skinny Sprinkles

  • Pour the sprinkles into 200ml of cold water and mix rapidly for 30 seconds, then mix slowly for 1 min.
  • Drink within the next minutes before it thickens too much.
  • Take 1 serving 3 times a day, 30 min before a meal or a s a snack replacement. (It’s not a meal replacement though!)
  • It’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day when consuming Skinny Sprinkles: 1.5-2l per day are recommended!


In conclusion, our Skinny Sprinkles review found this product to be a highly effective aid for weight loss. You will be able to avoid overeating food, and hunger will be suppressed for hours after consuming. In addition, it can give you the energy you need to add exercise into your busy day.



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